Top 5 Mistakes Made with SEO

SEO can be confusing and it is very easy to make mistakes without knowing it. If you are not getting the traffic you think you should be getting, you are likely making one or more common SEO mistakes. Fortunately, we are here to help! We have compiled a list of five commonly made mistakes people make when formatting SEO on their web pages and easy ways to fix and avoid them.

In order to get traffic to your site, you must use words that people are looking for. If those words are not used, your site will not be found by the right audience. Be creative and use different combinations of words and questions people are likely to search for. The more common search words and phrases you can put into the text of your pages that people are likely to look for, the better off you will be.

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Improper Descriptions and Titles

Just like keywords are important, so are descriptions and titles. The pages that will get lots of traffic and the home pages are the most important. When someone makes a bookmark on a page, it should never say “untitled” or anything generic like that. You want it to show what the page is actually about. The descriptions you use should encourage people to click on the page and investigate further. It should be clear that it provides the information they need without providing the entire answer and preventing them from going to the web page. You may need to experiment with different descriptions to see what works best for your particular site. Don’t be too quick to change things but if you aren’t getting traffic, you will not magically start getting it without making changes to your page.

Proper Indexing

Your site needs to have a well thought out domain and information that is easy for web crawlers to find. These crawlers are how the pages will get indexed for search engines. If they cannot easily find the information, they pages will not be indexed. This is also how the pages will be ranked on search engines.

Too Much Focus on Links

Many people believe building links is the key to success. However, time is better spent designing the site well and marketing it. People need a genuine reason to visit your site and utilize your business and spreading a bunch of links around without anything to back them up will do more harm than good. Focus on expanding your marketing efforts instead.

Utilize Available Resources

Many webmaster tools are available to help properly set up your website and keywords. They rate SEO, readability, and much more. Experiment with different resources to find out what will work best for you and your particular site and audience. Trying to guess about how to do these things will just limit the traffic you get to your page.

There’s no reason to go blindly into SEO practices and mistakes are easy to avoid with a little bit of effort. You will be getting traffic to your website soon if you keep these five common mistakes in mind.